Preview Plantation Shutters

The ever-versatile range of stylish modern window shutters offer superior protection in the harshest of environments.

Plantation shutters are very practical, shading the interior of your home, yet still enable the uninterrupted passage of cool air.

Preview Shutters keep your home cooler during hot days and warmer on those chilly ones while also offering privacy for you and your family.

Why choose Preview Plantation Shutters?

We are the Industry Plantation Shutters Leader.

Previews New PVC Plantation Shutters, are guaranteed to change the way you think about window furnishings. Style meets practicality and functionality. There has never been a window furnishing packed with so many benefits.

PVC Shutters have the traditional look of Basswood Shutters but are actually made from non-toxic polymer foam which offers a number of benefits you just can’t find in other Plantation Shutters

  • Are Environmentally Friendly with Re-capable Material and No harmful Chemicals
  • Are fire retardant and water resistant
  • No visible control rods
  • Keep your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter, with insulation properties three times the value of Basswood Shutters
  • Will never crack, warp, shrink or discolour
  • Requires minimal maintenance, just clean with warm soapy water
  • Ideal for both internal and external applications

When you buy Preview PVC Plantation Shutters you …

  • Buy from an Australian Company
  • Buy a quality and tested product
  • Will have them in your home sooner as they are made right here in Australia.

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Our Features


Made in Australia

All our shutters are made to measure in Australia.


Installed within 2 Weeks

Since we make the shutters locally, we avoid long times from shipping from overseas.


Up to 7 years warranty 

Rest assured of quality and hassle-free maintenance.


Skill and Experience

Plantation shutters require a high degree of skill and experience to install correctly.


You can trust us!

We have been in business in Australia for more than 10 years.


Customer Support

We are very happy to provide generous support to past customers.