Preview Louvres & Fencing

Preview Shutters also manufacture Aluminium Fixed Shutters commonly known as Louvres which can be applied for a wide range of uses creating a stunning visual feature whilst protecting your home from weather and intruders

Blades can be fixed vertically, horizontally, outside, inside, upside down or reversed. Your only limit is your imagination!

Traditionally, Louvres have been applied to buildings to intercept and create a barrier to the sun’s rays. Previews all aluminium range of Louvres offers a wide variety of end use applications including our Stylish Fencing options.
Preview Louvres, in both the 120mm and 180mm style, provide versatile and stylish sun control and privacy options. This system incorporates fine aerodynamic lines with the strength of a triple box section.

Using Preview Louvres for high quality window and door shutters will be an enticing addition to the style of your home. Suitable for both internal and external use, they also lend themselves perfectly as stand alone applications on decks, verandas, around spas and courtyards and under Opening Roofs, Awnings and Fencing including Gates.

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